Nutrition Reality Check Quiz

Building on the last newsletter it is important to know (and admit) where you are before moving forward.  Take this little quiz to see where you currently stand in terms of your diet and eating habits. 


Do you eat out more than 3x per week?

Do you eat processed foods frequently?

Do you drink soda?

Does less than 1/3 of your diet consist of fruits and vegetables?

Do you drink less than 4 glasses of water/day?

Are there foods you feel addicted to?

Do you eat more white flour, rice, and bread than whole grain?

Do you eat foods with added sugars almost every day?

Do you use artificial sweeteners

Do you drink more than one cup of coffee on most days?

Do you eat fried foods more than twice a week?

Do you often eat foods with additives and preservatives?

Do you eat foods/supplements high in Omega 3’s (oily fish, seeds, olive oil, supplements) less than twice a week?

Do you eat processed meats (deli meat, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, etc) more than twice a week?

Do you frequently use margarine, vegetable, or corn oils?

Do you eat mostly conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats?

Is price and convenience of the food you buy more important than quality?

Do you eat a lot of sweets?

Do you drink more than 10 oz of alcohol ( per day

Do you eat while rushed or under stress?


Now tally up your score (each check mark is one point) and see where you stand.


0-4:  You are obviously a nutritionally aware person and are off to a good start! You may have some minor tweaks you could make but overall your nutrition should not contribute greatly to any health issues (other factors can still impact your health though)


5-9:  You are doing pretty good but need to be a bit more disciplined about your eating habits.  Target one or two things at a time to focus on and be strict with yourself.  For instance, go for a whole month without one of the “bad” foods or commit to pack your lunch with something healthy every day. 


10-14:  Your diet needs some work.  Rather than becoming overwhelmed, just take small steps.  You can deal with these one at a time.  You will find that the cravings for some of the foods/drinks you feel you are “addicted” to go away after about a month.  These small successes can get you motivated to make more changes.  You should try to get your score down below 6 within six months. 


15-20:  Honestly, there is no way to eat like this and not suffer negative health consequences.  Just take a couple of items and commit to getting them off your list.  As you make changes one by one by the end of 6 months, your score should be considerably lower.  You will probably feel pretty icky the first couple of weeks you make changes but once you start feeling the positive effects, it will be worth it.


As you may have guessed, all of the items on the list are detrimental to your health.  It is imperative that you be able to avoid answering yes to most of them.  This is basically the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) in a nutshell.  It is sad but true that Americans hold the dubious honor of the worst diets on the planet and the most lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. 


 I hope this quiz has brought the reality of your situation to light.  Everyone has room to improve and nutrition, just like life, is a marathon and not a sprint so just keep plugging away. 


Quick Recipe:  Fresh fruit smoothie: This is a great way to start the day.  Any combination of fruit will work but my favorite is frozen strawberries, a banana, some coconut milk, and a little water.  Just whip it up in a blender.  (Any combo of fruit will work and the coconut milk is very nutritious – we’ll discuss more about coconuts in another edition!)                     Healthy Blessings!  

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Kimberly Roberto

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Business Owner with a Passion for Cooking and Eating Healthy Food and Helping Others to do the Same!

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