BBQ Chicken Pizza

Advanced Plan & Core Plan

Makes 2 small (individual sized) pizzas

Almond Flaxmeal Crust – for recipe, click here
Cooked Organic Chicken, chopped
Homemade Barbeque Sauce – for recipe, click here
Raw Organic Cheddar Cheese
Handful sliced red onion

Prepare Almond Flaxmeal Crust and cook according to directions.  Prepare homemade barbeque sauce.  Spread barbeque sauce on crusts and top with chicken, onion, and cheddar cheese.


CHICKEN:  For a quick way to prepare chicken if you don’t have any on hand.  Take a breast or 2 and pound to 1/4 inch thickness with a meat mallet.  Sprinkle with sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder and sautee in grapeseed oil until browned and cooked through

CHEESE:  The best cheese for this recipe is Beyond Organic Cheddar.

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