Lunchables = Laughable

Well folks…it never ceases to amaze me what I will see at the grocery store.  I really try to resist the urge to look in other people’s carts but it is as hard as not rubbernecking to see the accident on the other side of the street.  One of my observational “hot spots” at the store is the Lunchable section.  I usually whiz by it after picking up my organic turkey bacon at Publix (it’s on the same aisle).  Inevitibly I see moms swooshing them into their carts.  Never once have I seen anyone pick them up and look at the label. 

Even before I even went near the things to check the label, the look of them was enough to turn me off.  Pinkish white turkey discs, flourescent cheese, candy, and some sugary drink.  MMMMM.  But the label just illuminates the anti-nutrient status of this product.  Anti-nutients are not only lacking nutrients, but they actually pull nutrient stores from the body as they are injested. 

I found this article on line that made me chuckle while exposing the horribleness (is that a word?) of this crap.  Some of the kids comments were very funny.  As crazy as it may seem, if you really look at what kids are eating in the school cafeterias, many kids get a healthier lunch by buying it from the school than bringing it from home.  Lunchables are a perfect example. 

Read the article for yourself and share it with anyone you know who is ingesting this stuff.  I really don’t understand how it even makes it to the store shelf.  This is a true example of how we have succumb to the power of convenience over quality.  For goodness sakes, it doesn’t even TASTE good!

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