This week’s Advanced Plan Menu

OK…here was my menu plan for the week.  I don’t normally post this but I have had a lot of requests of comments that people just don’t know what to eat.  I am not kidding when I say that I am never hungry, I feel totally satisfied, and do not miss the carbs in the least bit.  Normally I will add in the occasional ancient grain (quinoa, ezekiel bread, etc) or some brown rice but I am completely unaffected without it.


Breakfast- Grapefruit

Lunch- Meatloaf with steamed asparagus

Dinner- Chicken breast with wilted spinach and a green salad

Snack- Almond Power Bar


Breakfast- Berry Smoothie

Lunch- Leftover Steak & Spinach

Dinner- Asian Lettuce Wraps and Chicken Teriyaki (cut up chicken marinated in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and fresh ginger (microplaned) with thinly sliced cabbage, zucchini, sauteed w/ sesame oil, sesame seeds and liquid aminos and steamed broccoli


Breakfast- Grapefruit w/ blueberries

Lunch- Ted’s Montana Grill – Bison Burger w/ avocado (no bun) and grilled asparagus

Dinner- Salad


Breakfast- Smoothie

Lunch- Salad, Hummus, Ginger Coconut Soup (At the Dekalb Farmers Market- awesome!)

Dinner- Red Snapper (fresh from the market) with lemon slices, lemon pepper, and butter, chopped bok choy with sesame oil, sesame seeds, and liquid aminos


Breakfast- Spinach/Mushroom/Onion Omelet with sliced avocado + gomasio

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Organic Rotisierre Chicken, Broccoli, Hummus


Breakfast- Granny Smith Apple w/ Almond Butter

Lunch- Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap, Ginger Coconut Soup

Dinner- Grilled Buffalo Chicken Breast on Salad w/ Oil&Vinegar


Breakfast- Grainless Blueberry Muffins (see recipe in Maximized Living Nutrition Plans Book) w/ berry sauce. YUMMY!

Lunch- Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant- Salad w/ oil&vinegar, and tortilla soup

Dinner- Authentic Israeli Dinner (thanks to my great friend Tali)- Israeli Meat Kebobs (see recipe on my next post), Israeli Salad (see recipe on my next post), Hummus.  Absolutely delish!





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