Green Lemonade

Here is a recipe that a patient made (thanks Doug J.) and brought in for our office staff to try.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there that day but it sounded so good I made it myself that same day.  It was delicious and kid-approved.  Normally, I use my Vita-mix for everything but this juice recipe requires a traditional juicer in order to keep it chunk-free.

This is a great way to get a good dose of fruits and vegetables.  It’s not something you want to chug by the glass.  It is something you drink in small portions.  Give it a try for a quick pick me up or for a great start to the day.  Because of the apples, it doesn’t even need any additional sweetener.  You can adjust the ingredients to your taste or to what you have on hand.  Get creative!

Green Lemonadecourtesy Doug J.

Makes 27 ounces

2 1/2 – 3 Granny Smith Apples
3 – Celery sticks
1 – Lemon, peeled
1 – Handful of Kale
1 – Handful of Spinach
1 – Cucumber

Put all ingredients through the juice, stir and enjoy.

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Kimberly Roberto

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Business Owner with a Passion for Cooking and Eating Healthy Food and Helping Others to do the Same!

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