Grilled Cabbage

Cabbage is a most amazing vegetable.  It is loaded with nutrition and is super versatile.  It can even satisfy meat eaters as it eats like a meat when done this way.

Grilled Cabbage:

Remove outer leaves (see above) 

Cut cabbage into fourths (keeping the core in tact)

Grill over high heat until well charred (especially on the rounded side), flipping fairy frequently.  If on a griddle, use a dome to accelerate cooking, if using a grill, close the lid.  

This will take a little while so let it almost finish before starting the rest of your meal.  (Use a fork to check tenderness of the underneath layers.  

When finished, take off the outer charred leaf and top with grass fed butter and Maldon salt (or coarse sea salt) and crushed black pepper

Optional Fried Cabbage Leaves:

I normally don’t deep fry anything but this is a special treat and when you use the right oil, and eat it in moderation, it is a fabulous treat.  Be careful with the oil because when you first put the cabbage in it will spatter because of the water content.  (see pic below)

Wash the outside of the cabbage

Remove outer leaves

Deep fry in 2 inches of avocado oil

Eat as an appetizer or save to crumble on salad

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