3 Basic Changes for Nutrition

For this post, I want to focus on some common sense nutrition principles.  When you look at the current state of American health, it should elicit some degree of wonder.  We are the most powerful country in the world with more technology, more resources, and more enterprise than anywhere in the world.  Yet we seem to be completely missing the mark on health.  In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the US  37th in terms of healthcare.  That is pretty pitiful.  

The Standard North American Diet

The typical North American diet just is not working.  This is evidenced by the skyrocketing statistics of heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and obesity (the five chronic diseases that North Americans are most likely to die from).  If you look back, even as close as 100 years ago, these problems didn’t even exist.  So what has gone so wrong?  It is a complex question that has many different answers but when it comes to nutrition, there are some definite stand outs.  Our food supply is so far removed from the way it originated that I am sometimes hard pressed to even call some of it “food”.  Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you are doing, you are exposed to extreme health hazards just by eating the Standard American diet.    It is crucially important to avoid the 3 Dangers that are compromising our health:    

Sugar, Bad Fats, and Toxins

These three things are the landmines out there that must be avoided.  The sugar and the toxins are pretty well understood but there are so many misconceptions with regards to fats that there will be a lot of focus on that throughout my newsletters.  Most processed foods contain all three.  Your body is an amazing thing but it cannot handle the constant onslaught of sugar, bad fats, and toxins.  Eventually, it breaks down and you get sick.      

A Better Way

There are specific things you can do nutritionally that can absolutely change your current state and completely transform your future.  The principles that work to accomplish this are not new.  There are other cultures out there that are free of America’s chronic conditions.  In fact, less than 100 years ago, America was one of them.  It has been within the last 100 years that things have fallen apart.  Look at what and how your grandparents or great grandparents ate.  Much of it was fresh, unprocessed, and homemade.  Families sat down at the dinner table together and took their time eating.  Nothing like what we see families doing today. 

The things it takes to eat a healthy diet and keep a healthy body are not new but they are VERY DIFFERENT than what has become the norm!  It does take some getting used to and that is why my focus and passion has always been on the practical tools, resources, tips, and guides to walk people through the changes.  This is precisly why I compiled everything into the book I just co-wrote.  It is years worth of research and practical application.  Maximized Living Nutrition Plans Book   

In addition to avoiding the 3 dangers, there are 3 Basic Changes that everyone should make, regardless of age, gender, genetic background, or medical history. 

3 Basic Changes

Fat – eat more healthy fats, eliminate all bad fats. (next week, we will focus on good and bad fats)

Protein– change the quality of your proteins.  When it comes to animal products, go with naturally raised vs. commercially/unnaturally raised  (more on this to come)

Carbohydrates – Eat more vegetables and eliminate refined grains and sugars

Although these changes can be a challenge for many because of being so entrenched in the Standard American Diet, it can be done.  It takes commitment and a willingness to change.  I can tell you from experience that taking even baby steps in these directions can have dramatic results. 

Today’s Nutrition Tips: 

  • Get rid of the soda, sweet tea, and juice
  • Change from white bread and rice to whole wheat and brown rice
  • Invest in good quality meats- hormone/antibiotic free, naturally raised
  • Eliminate ALL trans-fats (don’t rely on the marketing claims!  Check labels- look for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated anything– that means trans fat!
  • Cut WAY back on sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Check labels- anything ending in –ose is also sugar.
  • Start cooking at home more!

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