Another week of Advanced Plan Meals

Here are our meals for the week.  We have received a lot of feedback that they are very helpful for people new to the Maximized Living Advanced Nutrition Plan.  These are not just ideas…this is EXACTLY what we ate all week.  You should notice that the meals are easy to pull off- no exotic ingredients or difficult recipes.  Anyone can do this!

You will also notice that we were out of town on Thursday through Sunday of this week.  Many people think that this nutrition plan is not possible when travelling but you will see that it can be done.  I did whip up a couple of snack items to take with us but other than that, everything else was purchased at restaurants.   Alas, it can be done! 

Week ending 2/1/10      
  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
Monday K- Ground Flax Seeds & Almonds w/ Cinnamon, Mint Flakes, & Stevia w/ Coconut Milk K- Hummus w/ Celery, turkey/cheese roll up, Kombucha K-Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Bibb lettuce, brococli K-Celery w/ almond butter, Chocolate Bark
  F- Spinach w/ Egg Whites F- Chicken & Broccoli F- same F- same
Tuesday K-Turkey bacon w/ Fried Egg K-Ted’s –  Bison burger, Asparagus, Side Salad K- Mixed Green Salad  
  F- same F- Ted’s Bison Burger, avocado, egg white, double asparagus  F- Leftover Taco Salad  
Wednesday K- Omlette Muffin – recipe to come, green tea K- Salad with hummus & roasted veggies K-Turkey/Cheese roll ups, iced tea K- Apple Flax Muffin (recipe in book)
  F- same F- Chicken w/ broccoli & asparagus F –   
We were out of town Thurs – Sunday        
Thursday K- 2 Omelette muffins, Flax seed muffin K- Roasted eggplant salad w/ grilled chicken K- Sea Bass w/ Mushrooms & Asparagus K- pumpkin seeds
  F- sane F – Bowl of soup & salad F – 8oz filet, asparagus, garden salad F – almond power bar, chocolate bark
Friday K- Veggie Omelette, tea K- Greek Salad w/ roasted eggplant, olives, roasted peppers, greens, oil/vinegar K- Bison Chili, Smoked Salmon stuffed avocado K- almond power bar, chocolate bark
  F- Spinach Omlette F- Salad & 2 small chicken breasts F- 6 oz filet, asparagus F- pistachios
Saturday K- egg whites w/ grilled squash/zucchini K- Grilled chicken salad w/ avocado  K- Greens w/ Roasted Vegetables , Roasted Cauliflower K- pistachios & pumpkin seeds
  F- Egg whites w/ grilled zucchini F- Greek salad F – Chicken salad, chicken wings (not breaded & fried) F – coconut flakes, pistachios
Sunday K- Mixed berry smoothie K- Chicken w/ lemon and oregano, steamed veggies, sm. Salad K- Mexican chicken soup, grilled veggies K- chocolate bark
  F- same F- Same F – Mexican grilled chicken salad – salad w/ avocado, black olives, cabbage, salsa F- raw cashews

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