Real Nutrition – The Elite Know What Most American’s Do Not

On the heels of my last post, I wanted to share another sad truth. The Standard American Diet is for standard American people. Food manufacturers, three letter agencies, big agriculture, government, grocery stores, disease associations, doctors, conventional nutritionists, and many others are all complicit in morphing our food supply into something that is barely recognizable.

My last post highlighted the importance of good fats, nutrient dense foods, raw foods, fermented foods, naturally raised meats, enzymes, and more. The Standard American Diet is void of these things but filled with artificial ingredients, preservatives, colorings, antibiotics, excitotoxins like MSG, hydrogenated/damaged oils, are genetically modified, and more.

Sadly, many people DO know about these ancient truths and eat according to them. Who are these people? The elite.

I was reminded of a great excerpt from the book Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, MD. She stated, “How do I put this delicately? If you think the wealthy- members of the upper social class- would even touch the foods most Americans eat daily, the foods relentlessly touted as healthy, you’d be mistaken. No, the most privileged among us eat very much the way their great-great-great-grandparents did. If we could fly past the iron gates guarding the White House and peer through the dining room windows to see what the guests were eating at President Obama’s second inaugural lunch, we’d see this.” She goes on to say, “Those dining on these sinfully rich foods represent the same government whose food pyramid forbids us regular folk from eating anything of the kind.”

Below are examples of past inaugural luncheons but I guarantee that Oprah’s, Angelina Jolie’s and The Rock’s personal chefs aren’t serving up Lunchables and Chef Boyardee either! Yes these things cost more money and take more time but they are do-able and can be pulled off by the average American. That is what I help people work through.

What do you see here? Cream sauce (good fats, protein, enzymes), bison which is presumably grass-fed and pasture raised with a reduced glaze (which no doubt had a nice bone broth at the base), golden beets, green beans and red cabbage all loaded with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and antioxidants. Aritsan cheeses (again good fats, enzymes, protein).

Other inaugural luncheons are similar:

Obama’s first inaugural luncheon featured: a first course of seafood stew. The second is a Brace of American Birds (pheasant and duck), served with Sour Cherry Chutney and Molasses Sweet Potatoes. And dessert will be an apple cinnamon sponge cake and sweet cream glacé.

Trump’s inaugural luncheon contained: Maine lobster and gulf shrimp, served with saffron sauce and peanut crumble. The entrée was Angus beef with a dark chocolate and juniper jus. For dessert, chocolate soufflé and cherry vanilla ice cream.

President Bush’s 1st Inaugural Menu was quite impressive:

Morsels of lobster sauteed with fresh herbs and winter vegetables in a rich cream sauce; served in a flaky pasty crust, topped with fresh lobster, garnished with lemon leaves and lemon wedges.

Petit filets of prime beef tenderloin individually tied, marinated in garlic and fresh herbs, interlarded with vegetables, well seasoned and sauteed topped with a turned mushroom cap and presented over steamed green beans with Madeira demi-glace;

Chartreuse of vegetables – a puff pastry ring filled with chestnuts, Brussels Sprouts and Parisienne vegetables to include carrots, squash, broccoli stem, zucchini and yellow and red tomatoes;

Puree of small roots – to include celery root, navel and parsnip.

Served warm.

A moist, dense nutmeat pudding loaf served with caramel sauce, surrounded with navel and blood orange slices topped with crystallized ginger and sugared pecans and presented warm with very rich very vanilla bean ice cream scoops.

Pass chocolate dipped ginger, candied fruit rinds, fresh strawberries florentines, macaroons and truffles.

His second was similar:

Scalloped Crab and Lobster
Roasted Missouri Quail
Brined Root Vegetables
Steamed Lemon Pudding
Apple Wild Cherry Compote

Ronald Reagan’s inaugural luncheon on January 20, 1981 featured:

California Garden Salad
Sautéed Chicken Breast Covered with White Wine Sauce and Capers*
Rice Pilaf
Hot Asparagus with Lemon Vinaigrette
Strawberries with Raspberry Sauce

Meanwhile…the average American wedding (a momentous event for most) would typically feature:

Fruit, cheese and crackers

Fried appetizers of some sort

A salad with they typical lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers with store bought dressing

A Pasta Dish

A conventional (feedlot raised) chicken or beef dish with mashed potatoes or rice

Desserts of brownies, cakes, ice cream, pies, etc.

While the wedding feast is a step up from the typical Standard American Diet, it is still riddled with processed food, sugar, and damaged oils. However, glaringly missing are the homemade cream sauces, naturally raised animal products with slow-cooked, off the bone reductions, and exotic vegetables.


This is a reality that should make Americans pause and reflect. We all have access to these things. They may cost a little more and take more time in shopping and preparation but YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT! Let’s face it, you are going to pay for your health one way or another- either through sourcing and preparing nutritious foods, getting exercise, avoiding toxins, keeping your nervous system functioning at 100%, and having a positive mindset OR on the back end when you are dealing with a diagnosis, paying for trips to the doctor, paying for medications, surgery, and dealing with a decline of health.

I often think of my grandmother who gave me my love of cooking. I used to spend hours in her kitchen preparing meals from scratch and sitting down and enjoying them with her. She told me stories of her upbringing in the small town she spent her entire life in, where neighbors would share their spoils- eggs, meat, dairy products, and produce. The local store was the only one for miles and only contained locally sourced items. Fast forward to today, many children don’t even know where a hamburger or chicken nugget comes from.

Be well my friends!!

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